My name is Lester (Les) McAlister and I have been researching and collecting Sangamo and Hamilton-Sangamo clocks for the past 25 years.

I am a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. (#113009) and past President of St. Louis Chapter #14 as well as founding President of The International 400-Day Clock Chapter #168.

A key part of our efforts is the  accumulation of a comprehensive collection of Sangamo Clocks and ephemera that this Website will showcase to assist others in identification and research.  There is also a focus on restoration and repair information to assist the repairperson in bringing these wonderful clocks and precision instruments back to life.

For those of you who have visited this Website in the past you will notice a complete makeover.  Yes….I am actually bringing it into the 21st Century.  As such it will be ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** for the next several months.  Please come back and visit often…you will be surprised at all the new information posted.

Special recognition to those whose contributions to this Website were essential to it’s creation.
Rodney King:  The greatest accumulator of Electric Horology….2 of each….just like Noah.
Farrell Gay:  Mr. Illinois wrist watch and the worlds best golfer and gardner (LOL).
Bob Feiertag:  The first Sangamo collector in the world and one of the best resources.
Bill Ellison:    The vault of Electric Horology knowledge..and…my favorite Engineer.
Larry Shingledecker:  Mr. Horology.  My go-to guy for everything.

In Memory Of:  Ken Kerr, Bob Helfert and Dave Carlson.  My friends forever…..